Keyword Research: The Basics [Infographic]

Keyword Research Basics

Nowadays the SEOs are talking about content, authorship, social signals and many more and in all these things it’s quite easy to forget about one small thing, that is known as the foundation of SEO: keyword research.

If you don’t know how people are looking for your content, it’s real hard to figure out how your content speaks in their language (include the words they search for). Without the proper keywords, your content marketing is somewhat set to fail. You put all your time and effort on creating great content and you get ample amount of visitors and nobody shares.

In today’s world keyword research can be called as the new market research for SEO. Think about it, this is amazing. You can figure out the things that motivates your customers long before you meet them. Their likes dislikes, pains and desires.

It takes a good time, effort and still you might fail to hit the sweet spot. If you can rank for right keywords there can be a flood of traffic to your website/blog organically.

With the help of proper long tail keywords you can beat your competition no matter how big they are, even if rank better on search engines. What matters is keyword research and the strategy you choose to implement on your website.

Now folks at Power by Search have created this infographic which breaks it down for you in an easy to consume visual way. All you need to do is follow the instruction step-by-step, implement it and see you analytics chart bend it’s curve upwards.

So without further ado just dive in, right-click and open the image in a new tab for larger view.

How To Do Keyword Research

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