3 Link Building Tactics You Should Follow To Get More Traffic

3 Link Building Tactics You Should Follow To Get More Traffic

3 Link Building Tactics You Should Follow To Get More Traffic

Link building perhaps one of the oldest SEO techniques and it’s still alive and kicking. And white-hat link building is most popular among SEO experts and most effective.

You have to be very careful while building links for your website or blog – links from spammy websites or using automated software may lead to a Penguin Penalty.

Before we start here are some link building strategies from Matt Cutts. This video is pretty old though very useful.

SEO can be very tricky and search engine algorithms are continuously changing so, no even though you are an experienced SEO – there is always more to learn.

In this article I’ll show you top 3 tips on link building for 2015 and beyond. These can be used by SEO companies, bloggers and SMBs.

1. Reverse Guest Blogging

We have all heard of guest blogging…right? Surely it is a way to build some authority links to your site. Even though Google have put an end to spammy guest blogging but, editorial links from authoritative sites through guest blogging still matters.

But here I’m going to talk about reverse guest blogging. So what it is and how it’s done? In simple words it asking authority bloggers to do a guest post for your blog. Authority bloggers have already have a large fans and following, so they can bring a ton of visitors, social shares and links along with them. And you can be assured that it will be a high quality article.

But it won’t happen just like that, first you have to build a relationship with the blogger you want to invite. Read their blogs, comment on them, interact with them in social media and help them anything – such as if they are looking for your feedback on their new product or design. Here is a great guide from Ana Hoffman on influencer marketing.

Before inviting to post on your blog – make sure your blog has a decent amount of traffic. I mean no one wants to post on a blog which has very little or no traffic…right?

2. Guestographics

This is actually a term coined by Brian Dean from Backlinko. In this method you don’t have to beg other people to share your infographic. Instead what you will do is to entice them publish it on their site with a little bribe.

For this method you have to:

  • Create an unique and informative infographic on a fresh and relevant topic.
  • Find our some blogs which are related to your infographic.
  • Reach out to them and show your infographic.
  • Now ask them if your could write a mini-guest post (“the bribe”) if they are interested in publishing your infographic.
  • Place you contextual backlink in your mini-guest post. (Google values contextual baclinks than author box links)

Here is the email template Brian used:

Guestographics email response

Also don’t forget to submit your infographic to infographic submission sites. Here is a list of 100+ sites for you.

3. Q&A Sites

Yes! Q&A sites can be your weapon for link building, no I didn’t mean links from those sites.

Let’s take an example for Quora. Search for you topic or niche and pay close attention to what people are asking. You can also filter only questions and time frame from left sidebar.

link building q&a sites

Try to find some interesting questions on which you can write a detailed blog post, make sure the question is fresh and unique and no one has written something on it.

Once you completed and published your blog post, write an answer to that question focusing on prime points from your blog post, and leave a link to you article for in-depth answer. This will not only can get you backlinks but also steady traffic to your post.

Even though Quora & Yahoo Answers are most popular but here is a list of Q&A sites you might want to look into.

You can also take this a step further and search for people who are asking the same question on social media and reply to them with your article link.


To be honest, SEOs are skeptical about building links. In some cases they’re scared of the next Google Algorithm update. But if you follow these techniques, I don’t think you should be.

Now it’s your turn to try this powerful link building tips into action and if you liked this post, please share it and spread the word!

What other link building techniques do you follow? Share your valuable inputs in the comments section below.